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Michael's Magic Music Box (MMMB 101)
Michael's Magic Music Box (MMMB 101)

A few years ago Mike decided it was time to become more daddy and less road musician. One of the happy consequences of that decision is this premier children's album, Michael's Magic Music Box.

The songs were inspired by morning conversations he and his young son had as they drove to school each day. Some are bouncy, good-time tunes filled with youthful enthusiasm. Others are tranquil reflections of childlike introspection. But whatever the story, whatever the pace, the melodies are memorable and the songs are singable.

Performing with guitar, fiddle and banjo, Mike plays and sings with seasoned skill and style. This recording is Mike Cross at his best and it's easy to hear how much he loved writing and recording this album.

  1. 'Til The Weather Clears Up (2:32)
  2. Little Turtle (2:12)
  3. Peter Piper (2:30)
  4. Rolling That Bowling Ball (2:25)
  5. Who's Been Walking In My Yard (3:03)
  6. Great Circle Of The Waters (3:37)
  7. Dreams, Dreams (2:58)
  8. Old Gray Cat (2:23)
  1. Red Balloon (2:43)
  2. 30 days (0:26)
  3. Leap Year Baby (1:56)
  4. Colt In The Meadow (2:00)
  5. Spinning Around (3:18)
  6. Mist On The Mountain (1:51)
  7. Gypsy Rover (3:38)