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Best Of The Funny Stuff (SH-CD-1010)
Best Of The Funny Stuff (SH-CD-1010)

Mike Cross is funny. "Funny" as in "ha, ha," not "funny" as in "strange" - tho' sometimes, of course, we wonder. . .

North Carolina artist Mike Cross is known for many things: he's a brilliant songwriter, an expert fiddler, an outrageous guitarist and a highly entertaining performer. Mike's fans are fiercely loyal; there are folks that adore his gentle ballads, fans who appreciate his more rockin' side, and people who thrill to the sound of Mike's Irish fiddle tunes. There is one thing, however, about which all Cross fans agree - everyone loves Mike's funny stuff!

Mike Cross became a radio legend when Cross classics like "Elma Turl" and "The Scotsman" received heavy airplay on rock 'n' roll stations across the country. It seems that folks then - and now - just can't get enough of Mike's homespun, quick-as-lightning musical humor; it 'crosses', so to speak, all boundaries of musical persuasion! So it is for that hardcore legion of Cross addicts across the nation - as well as for newcomers to Mike's musical charms - that Sugar Hill has compiled BEST OF THE FUNNY STUFF - CREME DE LA CROSS. Contained within these 14 tracks (7 of which are available for the first time on CD!) are the classic gems that have earned Mike the reputation of being one of America's funniest balladeers (remember, that's "funny" as in "humorous," not as in "peculiar" - but, now that we think about it. . .).

This rollicking ride through the humorous side of Mike's repertoire begins with down-home rocker "Liquor In The Well," followed by the bluesy "The Lord'll Provide," a tale in which a buzzard preaches patience to a chicken hawk - although only one bird emerges victorious. The a capella "Dear Boss," one of Mike's most requested numbers, answers the musical question of "why Paddy's not at work today"; the surprise ending of another crowd pleaser "Elma Turl" turns the topic of genealogy inside out! In "The Great Strip Poker Massacre" the lure of gambling causes a few young men to lose their shirts...and socks...and pants! Other album highlights include "Whiskey 'Fore Breakfast," "Mountain Mean," "Directions," and don't forget "The Scotsman," Mike Cross' best known tale.

Mike Cross' BEST OF THE FUNNY STUFF - CREME DE LA CROSS is a lively, humorous delight from start to finish; what else would you expect from Sugar Hill's favorite funny guy?!?! And, don't forget - that's "funny" as in "full of fun," not as in "not quite right," or "a few beans shy of a bushel"....

Hmm ... then again ...

  1. Liquor in the Well (2:37)
  2. The Lord'll Provide (2:42)
  3. Dear Boss (1:59)
  4. The Great Strip Poker Massacre (2:44)
  5. Mountain Mean (2:36)
  6. Elma Turl (2:06)
  7. The App. Rap / Grub Springs (3:16)
  1. Uncle Josh (3:07)
  2. The Scotsman (2:41)
  3. Whiskey 'Fore Breakfast / Sailor's Bonnet (2:50)
  4. My Spirit's Willing (2:41)
  5. Directions (2:20)
  6. Granny's Milk Cartons (2:54)
  7. The Farewell Toast (0:55)