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Solo At Midnight (SUG-CD-1007)
Solo At Midnight (SUG-CD-1007)

"He's got those Appalachian Mountain Boogie Blues… Be careful 'cause you just might get 'em too!"

MIKE CROSS is an amazing, multi-talented singer/songwriter/guitarist/fiddler whose fame initially spread from his show stopping live performances which have won him acclaim from VARIETY, THE WASHINGTON POST, THE ATLANTA JOURNAL, etc. In the last few years Mike has risen to national prominence through a greatly expanded touring schedule and his phenomenal music has turned audiences and radio listeners from New York to California into instant, die-hard fans. As WQDR Radio in Raleigh, NC put it, "People who like rock like Mike Cross; people who like folk and jazz and country like Mike Cross!" The key to this modern day minstrel's great success is his ability to combine elements of traditional music with a high-energy, contemporary style of presentation, giving his "Appalachian boogie" music its universal appeal.

SOLO AT MIDNIGHT is a showcase for the many faces of Mike Cross. He "gets down" with some sizzling six and twelve-string guitar picking on "Appalachian Mountain Boogie" and "Rusty Waterwheel" and some joyous, toe-tapping fiddling on "River Song" and "Square Dance Saturday Night". He turns balladeer on the dark, haunting "Georgia May" and the beautiful, aching love song "Fare Thee Well, Marianne". "Dear Boss" reveals that wonderfully warped Cross wit his fans know and love, and Mike the storyteller also plays some funky slide guitar on "The Panama Limited". The album ends with Mike's "He's Everywhere", an introspective spiritual song which will turn even the most rowdy Cross fan pensive.

This is pure MIKE CROSS - the brilliant songs, the rollicking, hot picking, the wit, the electricity and the sensitivity. SOLO AT MIDNIGHT is the next best thing to live Mike Cross - and you can take it home with you!

  1. Appalachian Mountain Boogie (2:52)
  2. Martin Wynn's/Sean Ryan's (2:18)
  3. River Song (2:07)
  4. Dear Boss (1:57)
  5. Georgia May (2:47)
  6. Rusty Waterwheel (1:47)
  1. Twelve Disciples (2:35)
  2. Square Dance Saturday Night (2:06)
  3. Fare Thee Well Marianne (2:27)
  4. Rights of Man (2:04)
  5. The Panama Limited (5:31)
  6. He's Everywhere (2:48)