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Carolina Sky (SH-CD-1006)
Carolina Sky (SH-CD-1006)

MIKE CROSS is a phenomenon and "CAROLINA SKY" is a phenomenal record. Mike first achieved "hero" status in the Southeast, where his dazzling stage performances make him a headline act in major halls and led, almost off-handedly, to a series of regional albums selling in figures that would be respectable for many major label acts. With brilliant songs, superb musicianship and incredible live shows, Mike has recently decided to broaden his base and has set out to conquer the rest of the country (first time audiences in New England, Kansas, Illinois, D.C., Texas, etc. are regularly turning into long term fans).

Now Mike has the album to reflect the national prominence he deserves. "Carolina Sky" has been in the planning for almost two years, during which time Mikeís songs and singing have gained in maturity and depth. Even his most raucous fans are quietly requesting his sensitive love ballad "Not For The Love I Can Take." Of course, Mike still cooks with the best, from the sizzling country rocker "Dark Angel" and "Donít Need Another Hit" to the Buddy Holly inspired arrangement of "Say What You Mean." Mike takes his country roots honky tonkiní in "A Night On the Town" and then makes us pause and look at home with "Carolina Sky." He returns to love in "Jenny", a wonderful reminder of the power of simple 60ís-like pop arrangements, and the traditional sounds of "Katieís Tune" with its haunting Irish fiddle reprise. Of course, what would a Mike Cross album be without a song like "The Drunkard," just to keep you on your toes.

Watch out folks, here comes MIKE CROSS!!

  1. Don't Need Another Hit (3:00)
  2. The Green of His Eyes (4:37)
  3. Carolina Sky (3:16)
  4. Old Shoe (2:20)
  5. A Night on the Town (3:44)
  6. Not for the Love I Can Take (4:20)
  1. Say What You Mean (2:45)
  2. Jenny (2:56)
  3. Dark Angel (2:47)
  4. Learning to Live on Love (2:43)
  5. The Drunkard (2:05)
  6. Katie's Tune/Pidgeon on the Gate (2:44)